• By The Surgical Clinic

TV is full of ads for people wanting younger looking legs – and Vascular Surgery by a skilled Vascular Surgeon can accomplish that. But at The Surgical Clinic, Vascular Surgeons are more than vein guys or vein doctors. The specialists at The Surgical Clinic are Board Certified Surgeons whose focus is on veins with an eye to the cosmetic, but also on the reality of what can happen when vascular disease is left untreated.

The Vein Centre of The Surgical Clinic has established two nationally accredited Vascular Laboratories for its patients where ultrasounds and other tests are conducted. The staff of these Laboratories all have earned national accreditation in the special testing that is needed for Vascular patients.

Many of the surgical procedures are completed in The Surgical Clinic’s state-of-the-art Vascular Procedure Centre. The Vascular Procedure Centre was established to provide and intimate and low-stress environment for patients to have vein surgeries, recover and go home the same day.

In treating Vascular Disease, it is important to remember that there is more than cosmetic results at stake. Arteries (the large tubes that carry blood away from the heart) and veins (that carry blood back to the heart) have to be able to withstand a lot of pressure from the pumping action of the heart. In fact, a single droplet of blood makes a complete tour around your body in about 1 minute. Arteries and veins have to be elastic for the moments when pressure might build up, but it becomes dangerous when those tubes start to lose their elasticity of become saggy. When this happens, blood will often pool in low areas (legs) causing pain and swelling. But when blood isn’t circulating properly, your body is also not getting the right amount of oxygen in all places AND the blood isn’t carrying away the waste from your body.  That can lead to other problems associated with stroke, heart disease, kidney problems, etc.

The other dangerous issue with veins that are not elastic enough is that an aneurysm can develop. Think of this like a balloon that develops a weak spot. The pressure in the balloon on that weakened place can eventually cause the balloon to bulge and then pop. That same thing can happen in arteries and veins.

In all these cases the fix is surgery. It’s not just about getting rid of spider veins and varicose veins, it really is about a healthy you! It’s about being able to stand and walk without pain and swelling. To learn more visit the Vascular Services portion of the website. You can also see new videos as they are released by subscribing to the YouTube Channel.

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