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Dr. Brian Kendrick, vascular surgeon in Columbia, TN at The Surgical Clinic

Dr. Brian Kendrick
Vascular Surgeon

Dr. Patrick Yu, general surgeon in Columbia, TN at The Surgical Clinic

Dr. Patrick Yu
Vascular Surgeon

About our VPC

The Surgical Clinic offers patients in-office, non-invasive vascular ultrasounds that are accredited by IAC Vascular Lab. The Vascular Procedure Center (VPC) in Columbia, TN is available to our patients for a number of diagnostic tests, including individuals (with or without a physician referral) who have concerns and want to check for carotid stenosis, aortic aneurysms and extremity blood flow.


Dialysis Access: Fistulogram & Shuntogram
Endovenous Laser Ablation
IVC Filter: Placement & Removal
Phlebectomy of Varicose Veins
Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins
Venous Stent (Venogram)
Arterial Stent (Angiogram)
Arterial Atherectomy


Aortic Imaging
Carotid Duplex Imaging
Dialysis Access Imaging
Non-Invasive Peripheral Arterial Studies
Mesenteric Duplex Imaging
Peripheral Bypass Graft Surveillance
Renal Artery Imaging
Thyroid Imaging
Venous Imaging Vein Mapping
Vascular Screening
Carotid Artery Stenosis
Aortic Aneurysms
Extremity Blood Flow

Patient Resources

Our surgeons read over 2,500 diagnostic studies per year. For any questions regarding our vascular lab or the studies and procedures offered, please contact our office at 931.380.3033.

Vascular Procedure Center

VPC in Columbia

The Surgical Clinic’s patients who are scheduled for Vascular Surgery may be referred to the Vascular Procedure Center (VPC) in Tennessee for care. This is an office-based laboratory that offers the same level of care as you would find in a hospital for these types of procedures. However, The Surgical Clinic has created this lab as a more personal patient-focused setting that will allow you to return home after a short recovery time at the lab. Individualized care and one-on-one access to your surgeon and the lab’s specialized staff provides the possibility of diagnosing and treating all in the same day. The Vascular Procedure Lab is staffed by the best nurses and nurse anesthetists along with registered technologists who work with you and your surgeon in this intimate state-of-the-art facility.

Pre-Procedure Instructions

Pre-Procedure Instructions:



3. You will need someone to drive you home. You WILL NOT be able to drive yourself or take a taxi public transportation, Uber/Lyft home. However, medical access rides are permitted. 

4. Bring a list of your daily medication to the clinic with you. 

5. The day before and the morning of procedure you will need to take a shower with anti-bacterial soap. No lotions, powders, deodorant, makeup, fingernail polish etc. should be used on body after showering. 

6. Wear loose fitting clothes day of the procedure, as this is what you will go home in. 

7. We ask you only bring 1-2 family members. We can only allow 1 family member back in the recovery room with patient before and after the surgery. 

8. Leave all valuables at home. 

9. Please be prepared to present insurance cards and drivers license. 

10. A nurse will call you 24-48 hours prior to the day of your procedure to go over detailed instructions.

Vascular Procedure Centers

What does a vascular center do?

Over the years vascular surgery has gone from being inpatient type procedures, where patients are in the hospital for several days to more and more minimally invasive outpatient type procedures. The Vascular Procedure Center is a facility we began in 2012 to fill a need for patient care that we felt could probably be met in a much more efficient manner.

We not only do the minimally invasive new cutting-edge procedures, but we also do the old fashion surgery which is often times needed. Sometimes it requires a hybrid approach which requires surgery and some of these minimally invasive procedures.

What types of procedures are done at a vascular procedure center?

We do lower extremity arterial procedures here. This is for limb salvage or for people who have blockages in their arteries and in their legs. In addition, we do venous work. That includes highly complex venous reconstructions via balloon catheters and stents. This basically takes care of all of the same patients needs that we took care of in the hospital in a much more convenient, easy outpatient type facility.

“So what’s really neat about what we’re doing here at the Vascular Procedure Center is we’re advancing techniques and accessing arteries from all around the body. One of the most important advances that we’ve made is being able to cross and treat these lesions with pedal access, or access in the small blood vessels in the foot to get to the blood vessels that actually have blockages. That access allows us to get through lesions (or through disease) that others haven’t been able to get through before. And in patients that would have probably needed a bypass instead.” – Dr. Bryan Fisher.

What does the vascular team do?

We are fully staffed with medical assistants, with a surgical scheduler, registered nurses, X-Ray techs and nurse anesthetists that hep us with procedure here.

“I’m a nurse here at the Vascular Procedure Center and I’m the one who brings the patients back to their pre-op area and give them an overview of what their day is going to be like and what their discharge is going to be like as well as when they get home.”  – Nurse at the Vascular Procedure Center in Nashville

“The physicians, the employees, the patients are what make this procedure center thrive. It’s very enjoyable to see a patient who has chronic pain, unable to walk or struggle to walk, essentially be able to walk out of here feeling much better when they leave.” – TSC Employee at the Vascular Procedure Center

Advantages of a Vascular Procedure Center

One of the advantages in doing your procedures here at the VPC is that we have the availability of all the inventories of the latest gadgets and technologies that sometimes the hospitals don’t have.

What to expect at our vascular center

“I think that’s the major advantage – you’re going to get the full depth and breadth of vascular disease treatment and the very highly personalized care that I think is second to none to any other group in Nashville. Once patients actually come in for their procedure, then we’re able to sit down and talk to them about their disease process and exactly what is going to happen. Once we’re all done with the procedure itself they go to the recovery area. where one of our nurses spends one-on-one time with that patients making sure they recover well and that all of their questions are answered before they leave our procedure center.” – Dr. Bryan Fisher, vascular surgeon in Nashville. “I not only lowers the cost to themselves and the healthcare system, but it’s also more time efficient and again, allows us to deliver that personalized care that we always strive for.”

Treating critical limb ischemia (CLI)

CLI is a term we use to refer to something called critical limb ischemia. It’s really a catch-phrase now days that refers to advanced vascular disease, mainly in the lower extremities. CLI is really the end of the spectrum with regards to PAD. These are patients that have limb threatening problems with regards to their blood flow. Vascular surgeon, Dr. JimBob Faulk refers to CLI as “a heart attack of the leg”. Our goal and treatment in our vascular procedure center is to get our patients in early in a timely fashion and see them very closely after we do anything to treat CLI.

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