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The Surgical Clinic is a group of private practice Surgeons representing many specialties of surgical practice to develop patient-focused, conveniently located places to enable patients to have access to needed surgical procedures close to home. Since its founding in 1997, The Surgical Clinic has continued to attract talented surgeons, becoming one of Middle Tennessee’s most respected practices. We specialize in general surgery, breast, bowel, bariatrics, vascular, veins, foot and ankle, cancer and reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. In addition, The Surgical Clinic has established an accredited Ultrasound Labs, a Vascular Office Based Procedure Center, Prosthetics and Podiatry.

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Patients can book or cancel an appointment, pay a bill or send a message from a secure portal.

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Meet your surgeon

Learn about your surgeon’s education, training, specialities, professional associations and more.

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Get exact directions

Get detailed directions to your surgeon’s office or the location of your procedure.

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Patient information

Here you’ll find the forms as well as educational materials, insurance information and more to help prepare you for your surgery.

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Read and download detailed information and watch videos about your specific surgery from hernia surgery to breast cancer surgery.
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Physician referral

Referring physicians may download forms, contact our surgeons and obtain pertinent information directly from our site.

At The Surgical Clinic

At The Surgical Clinic, we are prepared to help our patients with a wide variety of specialized surgical treatments. Each office location has a team of doctors ranging from general surgery, surgical oncology, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, prosthetics, and more.

Our surgeons have the specialized skills needed to treat many diseases or aesthetic desires, and you will be paired with the doctor who can best help your unique needs. This connected network of doctors has board certified surgeons who can treat or provide care for thyroid disease, GERD, vascular disease, cancer cells, breast cancer, gallbladder disease, large and small intestine disease, and even prosthetics in Tennessee. Surgery is a delicate and sometimes invasive treatment that requires skill and experience. Our providers are part of a network you can trust with your health.

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Referring to The Surgical Clinic (TSC) ensures your patient receives exceptional surgical care, compassionate concern, and access to the most technologically advanced surgical practice in Middle Tennessee.

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