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The Vein Centre offers Board Certified Vascular Surgeons who focus exclusively on the vein and circulation issues associated with issues such as varicose veins, spider veins and other disease processes that impact the body’s ability to efficiently move blood throughout the body.

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Each minute of every day your heart sends every single droplet of your blood on a complete circuit through your body. As the blood travels it delivers oxygen to your body and ships your body’s garbage away. The tubes of your body – your veins and arteries – have to adjust to whether you happen to be moving, sitting or standing. These tubes have to adjust to changes in your body mass as you gain or lose weight and for women, whether you have an increase in blood volume due to pregnancies. The tubes need to stay elastic enough to keep firm pressure on the blood flowing through so that the blood volume doesn’t begin to pool in your extremities and will make it back to your heart within that single minute of time.

Age, lifestyle, pregnancy and even working conditions can lead to veins that have lost elasticity and become saggy. Over time these veins become larger and blood pools in the extremities. The sagging can look like purple ropes bulging in the legs. These are generally referred to as varicose veins. These saggy areas are more than just unsightly on your legs. Since they are not keeping their shape as blood flows through them, people will experience pain and the pain intensifies when people stop walking or head to bed.

Frequently compression socks or panty hose are recommended to keep a tight pressure on the veins and their surrounding tissue to try to minimize the amount of sagginess and to keep blood pumping back to the heart. However, this only works while a person wears the support stockings. Once they are removed, the veins will immediately sag. Varicose veins is a condition that it doesn’t get better on its own. It actually gets worse.

In order for your veins to get better, you will need to meet with an expert vascular surgeon. Watch the following videos to see the results that patients have experienced at the hands of surgeons like Dr. Bonau, Dr. Lee, Dr. Keyser, and Dr. Kim.

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Our priority, first and foremost, is the patient. As local surgeons, we believe availability is vital to the overall patient experience as well as a thorough understanding of their diagnosis.


Each patient is unique. We believe in an individualized approach to the treatment and elimination of varicose and spider veins. The Vein Centre is not “one size fits all.”

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