For Our Patients

Need-to-know information for our surgery patients.

We Know Surgery is a Big Deal

At The Surgical Clinic we know that having surgery is a big deal for patients and their families. We take seriously the trust you have placed in us for your care. The Care Team of The Surgical Clinic wants to share some general tips with you as you plan your visits with your Surgeon and as you prepare for the day of your Surgery. You will have time to ask questions when you have your appointment with the Surgeon. We all know that the more you know the way things work, the less stress you will feel.

The topics covered by clicking the buttons below let you know what to expect in your very first visit with your Surgeon. There are things you will need to bring with you for this visit and preparations you will need to make concerning the business end of your surgery. You will find tips about getting ready the day of surgery and some suggestions about what to bring and not to bring with you. 

We encourage you to read all of the patient education materials that your Surgeon gives you and to share this with the family members or friends in your home-based support team so that they have a clear idea of what is going to happen and what to expect for when you arrive at home. For those in the workforce or if you are a student, we know that your employer or your school will want to know when to expect you back. And we know that sometimes you may need to get medications refilled once you go home.

You and your surgeon along with your entire clinical team will be working to get you in and out of surgery with the best clinical data, approach to care and state-of-the-art treatment.

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The entire team of The Surgical Clinic believes that the more you know, the more reassured you will feel. And we all know that heading to surgery feeling confident that you’ve done all you can to get ready is the healthiest way to focus your energy on just getting better.