Dr Dwayne Lett, a Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon at The Surgical Clinic, has noticed some misconceptions people have about plastic surgery. In his practices in The Lett Center located in Mt. Juliet and Lebanon, Tennessee, Dr. Lett has treated women and men with a wide range of reasons for seeking surgery and from all walks of life. For years, people have judged plastic surgery as a frivolous practice. In truth, plastic surgery is a lot like other medical specialties with highly trained surgeons who perform vital, life-changing procedures. With so much misinformation floating around, it’s important to know the truth.

Here are Five Common Misconceptions about Plastic Surgery:

  1. It’s all about Vanity – While facelifts and breast augmentation might get the most publicity, they’re only a small part of plastic surgery practice. Many surgeons perform surgeries to fix birth defects such as cleft lips or breast reconstructions after cancer treatment.
  2. It’s Only for the Rich – Many insurance companies won’t cover plastic surgery, but that does not mean it’s only for wealthy patients. With advancements in technology, procedures have become more affordable. In fact, the majority of people who get plastic surgery are middle income.
  3. It’s Only for Women – Over the last 20 years, the number of men getting plastic surgery procedures has increased 325 percent. Recent studies have shown that men believe a more youthful and pleasing appearance helps them earn promotions and be competitive in the workforce.
  4. It’s Very Dangerous – Every surgery has its own risks. Plastic surgery is no more dangerous than other procedures. It’s important to consult your doctor before you undergo any surgery.
  5. Plastic Surgery is the same as cosmetic surgery – Cosmetic surgery refers to procedures that improve a person’s appearance. On the other hand, plastic surgery encompasses both cosmetic procedures and reconstructive surgeries; such as burn treatments and correcting birth defects. Also, the training for plastic surgeons is much more rigorous than for cosmetic surgeons. Plastic surgeons have to go through years of extensive training in order to become board certified. We even have specifically separate centers and clinics for cosmetic and plastic surgery.

If you’ve been wondering if cosmetic surgery is right for you, call The Lett Center today at 615-443-0901. Dr. Lett has a plastic surgery practice devoted to rejuvenating and enhancing your natural beauty using state-of-the-art procedures that will result in beautiful, natural results that make you look better and feel more confident. To learn more about Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and other services visit The Surgical Clinic.



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