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Dr. Willie Melvin

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Robotic Surgery
Robotic Assisted Laparoscopy (RAL)
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Laparoscopic Adrenal Removal
Laparoscopic Appendectomy
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Laparoscopic Colon Surgery
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Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication
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Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication (TIF)
TIF for Reflux – Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication


Medical School:

Meharry Medical College
Nashville, TN


St. Joseph Hospital
Houston, TX

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville, TN

Professional SOCIETIES:

Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons

Society of Robotic Surgeons

Tennessee Chapter of the American Society of Metabolic Surgeons

Fellow of the American Society of Metabolic & Bariatric Surgeons

Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

Society of American Gastrointestinal & Endoscopic Surgeons

Southeastern Surgical Congress

American Society of Metabolic & Bariatric Surgeons

American Society of Veteran Administration Surgeons

American College of Surgeons

Stones River Regional IPA

TIF® 2.o for GERD

Minimally Invasive TIF® 2.0 Procedure for Patients with GERD

SMYRNA, Tenn.–()–Dr. Willie Melvin at The Surgical Clinic in Nashville, Tennessee, offers the Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication (TIF®) procedure for patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The TIF® 2.0 procedure is a minimally invasive, incisionless surgical solution for patients suffering from GERD and has been shown to improve patient outcomes and provide symptom relief.

GERD treatments with TIF procedure in smyrna and nashville tn

General & Robotic Surgeon in Smyrna

Meet Dr. Willie Melvin: A Compassionate General and Robotic Surgeon in Smyrna, TN

With a passion for precision and patient care, Dr. Willie Melvin stands as a distinguished figure in the medical community of Smyrna, TN. As a seasoned general and robotic surgeon, Dr. Melvin is committed to delivering comprehensive healthcare solutions that blend cutting-edge technology with a human touch.

A Journey of Expertise Dr. Melvin’s journey in the field of surgery is marked by his dedication to continuous learning and innovation. Having earned his medical degree from a prestigious institution, he honed his skills through rigorous training and specialized fellowships. His journey led him to become an adept general surgeon, equipped with the latest techniques and tools to address a wide spectrum of medical conditions.

Pioneering Robotic Surgery Dr. Melvin’s expertise extends beyond traditional surgery. His mastery of robotic surgical techniques places him at the forefront of modern medical advancements. With the precision and efficiency of robotic assistance, he strives to minimize invasiveness, reduce recovery times, and optimize patient outcomes.

Patient-Centric Approach What truly sets Dr. Melvin apart is his unwavering commitment to his patients’ well-being. Known for his compassionate bedside manner, he takes the time to understand each patient’s unique needs, concerns, and aspirations. This patient-centric approach forms the cornerstone of his practice, ensuring that every individual receives personalized care and attention.

A Trusted Partner in Health Whether it’s a routine procedure or a complex surgery, Dr. Melvin’s patients know they are in capable hands. His dedication to excellence, along with his warm and approachable demeanor, fosters a sense of trust that resonates with each patient he serves.

Your Journey with Dr. Melvin Dr. Willie Melvin’s commitment to staying at the forefront of medical advancements and his genuine dedication to patient well-being make him a standout figure in the healthcare landscape of Smyrna, TN. With a fusion of skill, technology, and compassion, he ensures that each patient’s journey is marked by exceptional care and transformative outcomes. If you’re seeking a general and robotic surgeon who places your health and comfort above all, Dr. Melvin is here to guide you every step of the way.

Master Surgeon

Dr. Willie Melvin has earned the Surgeon of Excellence in Hernia Surgery accreditation.


Surgeons of Excellence

SRC awarded the Hernia Surgery accreditation to Dr. Willie Melvin after thoroughly reviewing surgical outcomes data, medical records and internal processes.

GERD treatment options

GERD treatment options in nashville
GERD Treatment Options

Dr. Melvin offers 3 types of GERD Treatments

 – LINX Reflux Management System, Nissen (laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication) and TIF (transoral incisionless fundoplication).

These are all recommended treatments and depend on your case and your GERD specialist’s opinion.


TIF is an acronym, transoral incisionless fundoplication, and the advantage is that it is ‘surgery from within’ performed through the mouth, not through an incision.

TIF procedure with the EsophyX device is a simple intervention that repairs the gastroesophageal valve, the root cause of GERD. The TIF procedure reconstructs the valve between the esophagus and the stomach to prevent reflux.

  • The FDA approved this device and procedure in 2007.
  • Minimally invasive: Fast recovery
  • Restores valve to natural state: Maintain normal bodily functions
  • No incisions: No scars
  • No metal implant: No need to remove foreign object
  • No dissection of stomach: No scar tissue

Clinical studies show that at three years after the TIF procedure:

  • 70% were able to completely stop PPI therapy
  • 87% of patients reported reflux esophagitis healed
  • 91% of patients reported elimination of troublesome regurgitation

For more information visit gerdhelp.com/



The LINX® Reflux Management System

The LINX® Reflux Management System is a laparoscopic, fundic-sparing antireflux procedure indicated for patients diagnosed with
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) as defined by abnormal pH testing, and who are seeking an alternative to continuous acid suppression therapy (i.e. proton pump inhibitors or equivalent) in the management of their GERD.

LINX® is a flexible ring of small magnets about the size of a quarter that is placed around the esophagus just above the stomach using a minimally invasive surgical technique.

The strength of the magnets helps keep the valve between your stomach and esophagus closed to prevent reflux. When you swallow, the magnets separate temporarily to allow food and liquid to pass into the stomach.

The procedure lasts about an hour and many patients are able to go home the same day.

The FDA approved this device and procedure in 2012.

99% of patients reported no bothersome heartburn affecting their sleep nightly

91% of patients achieved freedom from daily medication for GERD

97% of patients required no change to their diet from heartburn on a daily basis

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there side effects with LINX®?
The most common side effect is discomfort or difficulty swallowing, known as dysphagia. It is often temporary and a normal part of the healing process. For more information on side effects please visit www.linxforlife.com

When can I start eating normally again?
Patients are encouraged to return to a normal diet as soon as tolerated or as directed by their physician.

When can I return to normal physical activities?
Patients are generally able to return to non-strenuous activity within a couple of days.

Can I have an MRI?
Yes. LINX® patients may undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) up to either 0.7 – Tesla (0.7T) or 1.5 – Tesla (1.5T) depending on the LINX® model implanted. You should discuss the MRI scanning options with your physician prior to deciding on treatment with LINX®. LINX® patients can also undergo: CT scan, ultrasound, x-ray and PET scan.

For more information: linxforlife.com


*Torax supplied art/photos for the articles. The LINX® Reflux Management System is indicated for those patients diagnosed with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) as defined by abnormal pH testing, and who continue to have chronic GERD symptoms despite maximum medical therapy for the treatment of reflux. Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.Contraindications: Do not implant the LINX® System in patients with suspected or known allergies to titanium, stainless steel, nickel or ferrous materials. Warnings: The LINX® device is considered MR Conditional in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system up to either 0.7 Tesla (0.7T) or 1.5 Tesla (1.5T), depending on the LINX® model implanted. Laparoscopic placement of the LINX® device is major surgery. General Precautions: The LINX® device is a long-term implant for use in patients 21 years or older. Medical management of adverse reactions may include explantation and/or replacement. Potential Risks Associated with LINX® System: dysphagia, stomach bloating, nausea, odynophagia, increased belching, decreased appetite, inability to belch or vomit, flatulence, early satiety, device erosion, device migration, infection, pain, and worsening of preoperative symptoms. For more information on the LINX® Reflux Management System, contact your physician or Torax Medical, Inc. For full patient information visit www.linxforlife.com or www.toraxmedical.com. Supported by Torax Nissen information came from Krames info on our website: The StayWell Company, LLC. 800 Township Line Road, Yardley, PA 19067. All rights reserved. This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Always follow your healthcare professional’s instructions.


The Nissen Procedure

The lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is a one-way valve at the top of the stomach. It keeps food and fluid from flowing backward. During fundoplication, the LES is restructured. The Nissen procedure involves wrapping the very top of the stomach around the lower part of the esophagus. Most often, general anesthesia is used.  The doctor makes 2 to 4 small incisions in your belly area (abdomen). The scope is put through one of the incisions. The scope sends live pictures to a video screen. This lets the doctor see inside your abdomen. The esophagus travels through an opening in the diaphragm called the hiatus. You have a hiatal hernia if your stomach has pulled up into the chest area. If this is the case, the hiatus is tightened with a few stitches. The stomach is wrapped around the outside of the esophagus. The wrap is stitched into place. Any incisions are closed with stitches (sutures) or staples. 

Heartburn FAQ

What is heartburn?

Heartburn is a term commonly used to describe symptoms. Most of the burning sensation is the epigastric, or upper abdomen area next to the heart. A lot of patients come in and present to the emergency room with symptoms similar to a heart attack. It goes by the name of heartburn, indigestion, reflux, acid reflux… All of those describe the symptoms presented from the regurgitation of acid from the stomach to the esophagus.

How do you manage heartburn?

Initially, symptoms may present once or twice after a certain event or after certain meals, sometimes we overindulge at Thanksgiving and all of that pressure forces more acid up. The reality is that all of us have reflux; it’s a normal physiological response. The difference is that normally once you get that reflux, there’s an inherent mechanism that flushes away (or neutralizes/clears away) that process. In the standing position, if you have reflux, acid would then go down because of gravity. The alkaline nature of your saliva as you swallow, it neutralizes some of that reflux. The normal valve mechanism that causes things to go in one direction sometimes doesn’t work well and that presents with a pathologic problem of acid reflux disease, heartburn, or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease).

Initially, once heartburn has been treated, sometimes you can get medicines over the counter. A lot of these are more powerful, anti-acid or acid blocking medicine, which is okay once in awhile.

Can you reduce heartburn?

How to reduce initial heartburn:

Adjust your diet

Don’t over eat

Have smaller portions over a day period

Modify your behavior

Don’t eat too late and then lay down


The Nissen Procedure

The lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is a one-way valve at the top of the stomach. It keeps food and fluid from flowing backward. During fundoplication, the LES is restructured. The Nissen procedure involves wrapping the very top of the stomach around the lower part of the esophagus. Most often, general anesthesia is used.  The doctor makes 2 to 4 small incisions in your belly area (abdomen). The scope is put through one of the incisions. The scope sends live pictures to a video screen. This lets the doctor see inside your abdomen. The esophagus travels through an opening in the diaphragm called the hiatus. You have a hiatal hernia if your stomach has pulled up into the chest area. If this is the case, the hiatus is tightened with a few stitches. The stomach is wrapped around the outside of the esophagus. The wrap is stitched into place. Any incisions are closed with stitches (sutures) or staples. 


GERd acid reflux treatment in smyrna tn with TIF

Dr. Willie Melvin, board certified general/advanced laparoscopic/robotic surgeon at The Surgical Clinic | TSC Rutherford, speaks with Andrea Millers from EndoGastric Solutions about anti-reflux (GERD) procedures known as TIF. *GERD – GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease, also referred to as acid reflux or heartburn.

Learn more about what GERD is and what types of symptoms patients can typically feel if they’re suffering from GERD or acid reflux.

HAL-RAR Patient Testimonial

I’m able to hike in these beaufitul mountains today thanks to Dr. Willie Melvin in Smyrna, TN. He’s a surgeon who knows about the HAL-RAR procedure, which is a hemmorhoid procedure. I dealt with hemmorhoids for about 10 years and was miserable not being able to hike or play tennis like I wanted to do. My doctors in Memphis said it was time for surgery. So I looked into the surgery and it was going to be a lot of cutting and cauterizing and it seemed like there should be a better way. After searching online, I found out about the HAL-RAR procedure and called The Surgical Clinic who put me in touch with Dr. Melvin in Smyrna, TN.

hemorrhoid procedure in smyrna tn
robotic surgery in smyrna at stonecrest medical center
Robotic Surgery in Nashville

In the hands of Dr. Willie Melvin, the minimally invasive precise movements of tiny instruments of the da Vinci Robot may be the way your surgery is performed. Rather than the surgeon’s hands in your body, their hand movements are guiding robotic tools. Using a tiny camera with a light that sends precise videos to a monitor in the operating room theater, Dr. Melvin is able to guide the entirety of the surgical procedure from hand held instruments at a control panel.

This robotic surgical technique means small incisions, the ability for Dr. Melvin to zoom in and magnify the area of concern all with great precision & generally allows patients to recover faster with less pain and less need for pain medications. 

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General Surgeon in SMyrna, TN

Welcome to Dr. Willie V. Melvin III, MD, FACS

Your Trusted Hernia Surgeon and General Surgical Specialist


Dr. Willie V. Melvin III is at the forefront of surgical innovation and offers a range of cutting-edge robotic procedures:

Robotic Surgery: Advanced, minimally invasive robotic techniques.

Robotic Assisted Laparoscopy (RAL): Precise assistance for laparoscopic surgery.

RAL Stomach Surgery: Minimally invasive solutions for stomach issues.

RAL Gallbladder Surgery: Robotic expertise for gallbladder conditions.

RAL Colon Surgery: Robotic precision in colon surgery.

RAL Hernia Surgery: Hernia repairs with robotic assistance.


Experience the benefits of minimally invasive surgery with Dr. Melvin’s laparoscopic expertise:

Laparoscopic Adrenal Removal: Minimally invasive adrenal gland surgery.

Laparoscopic Appendectomy: Appendix removal with small incisions.

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Gallbladder removal with minimal scarring.

Laparoscopic Colon Surgery: Precise treatment for colon issues.

Laparoscopic Hernia Repair: Hernia surgery with smaller incisions.

Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication: Anti-reflux surgery with minimal discomfort.

Laparoscopic Surgery: A wide range of minimally invasive procedures.


For compassionate cancer care and surgical expertise, Dr. Melvin offers the following procedures:

Axillary Sentinel Node Biopsy: Critical for breast cancer staging.

Axillary Sentinel Node Dissection: Surgical intervention for breast cancer.

Breast Biopsy: Accurate diagnosis of breast conditions.

Breast Cancer Surgery: Comprehensive breast cancer care.

Cancer Surgery: Expertise in various cancer-related surgeries.

Lipoma Removal: Surgical removal of benign fatty lumps.

Lumpectomy: Breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer.

Lymphadenectomy: Surgical removal of lymph nodes.

Mastectomy: Surgical removal of the breast.

Sebaceous Cyst Removal: Removal of benign skin cysts.

Skin Cancer Excision: Precise excision of skin cancer.

Skin Mole Excision: Expert mole removal.

Surgical Oncology: Specialized care for cancer patients.


Dr. Melvin is a well-rounded general surgeon providing comprehensive surgical solutions:

Abdominal Wall Hernia Repair: Expertise in hernia surgery.

Adrenalectomy: Removal of adrenal glands when needed.

Anti Reflux Surgery: Effective treatment for reflux issues.

Appendectomy: Surgical removal of the appendix.

Colon Surgery: Comprehensive colon care.

Endoscopic Placed Gastric Tube: Placement of gastric tubes.

Endoscopic Placed Jejunal Tube: Surgical tube placement for nutritional support.

Endoscopic Surgery: Minimally invasive procedures for various conditions.

Gallbladder Surgery: Expertise in gallbladder-related issues.

Gastroparesis: Management of this stomach condition.

General Surgery: A wide range of surgical solutions.

Hemorrhoid Surgery: Surgical intervention for hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoidectomy: Hemorrhoid removal for relief.

Hiatal Hernia Repair: Surgical correction of hiatal hernias.

Inguinal Hernia Repair: Expertise in inguinal hernia repairs.

Liver Biopsy: Diagnostic procedure for liver conditions.

Pancreas Surgery: Surgical care for pancreatic issues.

Parastomal Hernia Repair: Repair of hernias around stomas.

Placement of Gastric Electric Stimulator: Advanced treatment for gastroparesis.

Port-a-Cath Insertion/Removal: Device placement and removal for easy venous access.

Repair of Recurrent Hernias: Specialized care for recurring hernias.

Splenectomy: Surgical removal of the spleen.

Stomach Surgery: Surgical solutions for stomach conditions.

Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication (TIF): Innovative treatment for reflux.

TIF for Reflux – Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication: Minimally invasive solution for reflux issues.

Dr. Melvin is committed to delivering personalized care and state-of-the-art surgical solutions. Choose excellence, choose Dr. Willie V. Melvin III for all your surgical needs.