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Robotic Surgery in Tennessee

We provide advanced surgical techniques with the utility of the robotic surgery system at TriStar Health (StoneCrest).

What is robotic surgery?

Robotic surgery allows doctors to perform complex surgeries with the precision and control only robot-guided movements can provide. It’s a form of minimally invasive surgery that enhances the capabilities of the surgeon. The surgeon sits at a console where they control the instrumentation of the robot’s movements. Robotic surgery results in very small incisions due to better magnification and control of incisions. These surgeries result in fewer risks and even faster recovery times. Our robotic operation room houses the most advanced robotic instruments for robot-assisted surgical procedures.

Complex abdominal wall reconstruction

In the past, it would require a large incision deconstructing the abdominal wall and then reconstructing it. As a result, these traditional procedures required long post-operative hospitalization. Additionally, patients of this surgery experienced prolonged recovery time.

Today, we can do virtually the same procedure through 3 or 6 small incisions. as a result, patients spend less time at the hospital, less time in recovery and more time back on their feet.

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What are the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery?

  • Less pain
  • Quicker recovery
  • Ability to perform more complex surgeries through smaller incisions
  • Less scarring
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Less blood loss and transfusions
  • Greater precision

What are the advantages of robotic surgery?

The robotic surgical system allows surgeons a wide range of procedural advantages. For instance, the da Vinci surgical system provides better visualization with 3D imaging and improved articulations of the instruments inside the patient’s body.

As a result, robotic surgery allows to our surgeons efficiently direct, accurately visualize & reconnect the tissue even better. With advanced procedures through tiny incisions, the patients can return to normal function within a shorter period of time – with less pain and discomfort. Robotic surgeries can often turn a standard surgery into a minimally invasive one.


What to expect during recovery from robotic surgery

In addition to offering robotic surgery, TriStar offers an enhanced surgical recovery program. This means patients are treated in a multi-modal recovery program. They receive a variety of treatments to support their recovery.

Treatments focus on:

  • Decreasing pain
  • Reducing the need for prescription pain medicine
  • Accelerating the recovery process

Often when a patient sees their doctor these symptoms, they must be referred to different specialists to address each separate symptom. Once the diagnosis is made, then they have to be referred to a surgeon.

As a result, many patients who need surgery have to wait long periods of time before even considering surgery. Not to mention receiving the treatment they need.

As a network of doctors, surgeons and other providers, The Surgical Clinic is the one surgical network for your treatment process. Through our locations in Middle Tennessee, the patient can be evaluated, tested, diagnosed and treated all within one facility.

Why Patients Choose TSC

At The Surgical Clinic (TSC), we want patients to experience excellent surgical services through compassionate and detailed medicare care. We are also proud to offer our patients the benefits of the most advanced treatment centers in Middle Tennessee.

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Experienced Doctors

The Surgical Clinic has over 40 board certified surgeons with clinical & business staff who are dedicated to serving our referring physicians & their patients.



Founded in 1997, The Surgical Clinic (TSC) represented a wide range of surgical specialties that has continued to expand throughout Middle Tennessee. TSC is committed to treating every patient with dignity and exceptional surgical care.

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robotic surgery nashville