By Mahri Raquel

Cosmetics after surgery is often a way to help patients feel better. Looking your best following surgery is sometimes a matter of learning to use – or altering your use of make up, hairstyle, and cosmetics. If you’ve had cosmetic or skin surgery at The Surgical Clinic, know that our surgeons understand that getting better is about feeling better physically and emotionally. Sometimes that means learning to cover scars or the evidence of some of the treatments you have experienced. Sometimes the need to re-evaluate makeup is a temporary need while you are in treatment and sometimes the change in how you use makeup or how you approach your physical appearance may more lasting.

Mahri Raquel is an expert in make-up, cosmetics, and hair. In this blog she shares ideas about the basics of concealer:

Below are my FAVs to put your best face forward—starting with concealer

Each morning I always begin with my favorite moisturizer—a definite MUST. Then, I conceal. You would not believe the power of a great concealer–actually the ability to go makeup-free with a concealed face—especially around the eyes.

Dark circles first cause, it’s what I deal with—both hereditary and lack of sleep! These are the pesky bluish purple ones. Every concealer has pros and cons. Most now have individual coverage uses. Personally, I don’t use a highlighter, just my moisturizer. However, in the evening, I will use a corrector—my Bobbi Brown Corrector, the best! Then add my concealer on top.


  1. Benefit: Erase Paste (yummy!) blendable and creamy. brightener. full coverage
  2. Bare Minerals: Correcting Concealer (yummier) does not set in skin creases. contains SPF 20 which we like.. medium to full coverage. Long-lasting and amazing for those bluish dark circles
  3. Kevin Aucoin: The Sensual Skin Enhancer (yummiest!) a full-coverage very versatile, hydrating concealer.

A Favorite Brush:

The BRUSH is equally important. My recommendation is the Sephora Pro Airbrush concealer Brush #57. Don’t forget to tap in concealer and let dry between taps.


P.S.  If your concealer is creasing use your FAV moisturizer underneath it or pat a face oil (preferably an argan oil organic non-greasy oil) Benefit Fake-Up is magic in a lipstick-shaped tube. A concealer and moisturizer all-in-one.

Note: Raquel is a guest blogger for The Surgical Clinic. She frequently works with patients of Dr. Mark Cooper to assist with post-surgical and sometimes, post-chemotherapy cosmetics.

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