By The Surgical Clinic

A group of Middle Tennessee Surgeons founded The Surgical Clinic in the summer of 1997, making this the year to celebrate the 20th anniversary year of the practice. Today, the practice has grown, attracting many of Nashville’s brightest surgical stars. Over the years Surgeons have been drawn to the practice by its commitment to patient-focused surgical care, the convenience of its Middle Tennessee locations and the collaborative relationships between the Surgeons in the practice. From its beginning to today’s anniversary year, the mission of The Surgical Clinic’s patient-focused care along with the locations that placed that care in communities in which patients lived attracted surgeons to want to join the practice. The Surgeons believe that when patients are treated close to home, family and support systems are in place to help patients recover both physically and emotionally.

The fact that all decisions regarding the practice are made by surgeons often means that equipment and resources are made available to its surgeons much more quickly than in large hospitals or surgical centers. Surgeons are quick to recognize the value of equipment in providing better and more effective care and cut through the administrative red tape to simply purchase equipment and to make sure that what is available is state-of-the-art.

Today, the practice provides specialty board-certified surgeons in Breast Surgery, Bariatric/Weight Loss Surgery, Oncology/Cancer Surgery, GERD Surgery and Acid Reflux Surgery, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery and Vascular Surgery in addition to General Surgery, the practice which cares for procedures in the abdominal area. An additional area of expertise includes surgeries for hernias – including those that cause GERD. You can learn more about each of The Surgical Clinic’s specialties on the website.

Supporting the bustling practice of Vascular Surgery, The Surgical Clinic has opened two Laboratories which create a one-stop shop for diagnostic tests and a Vascular Procedure Centre, housing state-of-the-art surgical operating theaters for Vascular Surgeons.