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Prosthetic Institute Takes an Integrated Approach

The Surgical Clinic’s in Middle Tennessee approach to prosthetics is unique. The partnership between specialized vascular surgeons working with amputation surgery and the prosthetic fitting has created unique innovations in both surgery and prosthetics.

The Surgical Clinic Prosthetic Institute is an active research facility and collaborates with the Biomedical Engineering Labs of Vanderbilt University to be able to provide leadership in the latest prosthetic solutions. Our work develops state-of-the-art options for both upper and lower body extremities. This research has resulted in patented running prosthesis designs and a patented vacuum socket technology for better fitting devices. The goal of the Prosthetics Institute is to work with you to identify solutions that allow you to function pain-free, while wearing your prosthesis all day long.

Modern technological advancements in the fabrication of your artificial limb allows patients, physicians and therapists to work closely together in the selection of every device. This is a highly personal process that will take into consideration your medical, physiological and personal factors to determine the right prosthetic prescription.

If you are facing an amputation The Surgical Clinic has specialized surgeons ready to perform a specialized evaluation of your surgical options – options not offered in other parts of the country. If you have ever been told that “this is the best we can do” by another prosthetic provider, you belong in The Surgical Clinic Prosthetic Institute where our focus is on getting you moving again pain-free.

We also have certified prosthetic assistants to help you during your treatment and recovery process.

People come from all over the country for our specialized care. We are Nashville, Tennessee’s best and have the experience and knowledge to help with any situation. If you want the best prosthetics care, contact our Middle Tennessee offices to find out more.


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